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Results in a nutshell

Who made it to the podium?

Podium Antwerp 2017

  • Men Elite 20"
  • Abel Mustieles (ESP)

    Image Abel Mustieles (ESP) in action
  • Lucien Leiser (SUI)

    Image Lucien Leiser (SUI) in action
  • Thomas Pechhacker (AUT)

    Image Thomas Pechhacker (AUT) in action
  • Men Elite 26"
  • Jack Carthy (GBR)

    Image Jack Carthy (GBR) in action
  • Gilles Coustellier (FR)

    Image Gilles Coustellier (FR) in action
  • Nicolas Vallée (FR)

    Image Nicolas Vallée (FR) in action
  • Women Elite
  • Nina Reichenbach (GER)

    Image Nina Reichenbach (GER) in action
  • Manon Basseville (FR)

    Image Manon Basseville (FR) in action
  • Nadine Kamark (SWE)

    Image Nadine Kamark (SWE) in action

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